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thommthumb ♡ 112 ( +1 | -1 )
to fisher fans [31-Jan-2002] Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer appears to be anxious to get back in the public eye again, asking for radio interviews and publishing some information on the Internet. This site is probably of minimal interest in itself, since it presents no chess content. However, you may find the fact that it exists of some interest. He may be prepared to play again, also, but only Fischer Random chess, as he declares "old chess" to be dead and "played out." Has he been playing on the Internet? He says no, that those reports are "Jewish lies." He says all chess games at the highest levels are now pre-arranged. You may find his comments in his recent Icelandic TV Interview quite interesting, if you can overlook his extreme statements about Jews and his bad language. By the way, the USA is a "dirty, filthy country in every way" and Iceland should break diplomatic relations with the USA ... and the USA wants to kill Fischer. He's in Japan at the moment working on a new chess clock. He says living in Japan is better than rotting in an American jail! Listen at your own risk ... you'll need Real Audio to listen to the interview.

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vietnamese_girl_18 ♡ 23 ( +1 | -1 )
"Iceland should break diplomatic relations with the USA"

A foreign policy nightmare scenario! I hope the White House and UN aren't too distracted to settle this before irreparable harm is done.

Sarah Tran
thommthumb ♡ 45 ( +1 | -1 )
fan you know 'ive been away from the forums awhile. i see nothing changed though. i been with this site almost sinse inception. even before mr. roy bean. and before duplicating user names. i remember when sloopy and mr. roy bean were as one. i still believe as i said when some one gave me my first negative that those who vote against me only make me stronger. best wishes
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did you know? i suggested implementing the take back feature over a year ago to the webmaster? i'll be here until paid membership is mandatory.