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jstevens1 ♡ 64 ( +1 | -1 )
An Expert lesson in Pawn Breaks I was invited back onto the Expert's playing field but, despite the name of my kind opponent, life did not get any easier for me, although this turned out to be yet another game where I looked to be doing OK against an Expert until after the 30 move mark and then my position went downhill yet again.

When you have a pawn chain it pays to protect the head as well as the base because if you don't, well, just look at my annoted game against easy19 (Freddy) and see how I paid for my failure to protect the head in time. I lost the chain and I lost the game!!!

Have a nice evening folks

Cheers and bye for now.

thunker ♡ 46 ( +1 | -1 )
Yep! Ha! Yep - very good observation that I've learned the hard way a few times myself over the years.
Check out "Pawn Power in Chess" by Hans Kmoch. That book helped me tons on the pawn positioning stuff... Pawns are the foot soldiers and can be/usually are very important, IMHO!!