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alfilito ♡ 27 ( +1 | -1 )
how i can teach to kids? i am a chess teacher, for kids from 10 to 15, i need material to teach, especialy i have a problem: these boys and girls lost pieces very easily, so i need a metod of practice for that they learn speedily to not lose pieces. can you help me?
superblunder ♡ 67 ( +1 | -1 )
Basic tactics. Have them study elementary tactical puzzles for beginners.

This will automatically train their eyes to look at captures, so they will be less likely to hang pieces andmore likely to win them!

Something like Josh Waitkin's ATTACKING CHESS helped me alot when I was a kid. it is directed towards beginner's to solve the basic problems of not losing pices or being checkmated, and instead causing these woes upon the opponent.

He covers forks, pins, skewers, discovered check, simple mating patterns etc. And presents it in a way that children understand and enjoy. (Big Pictures and typing help alot too)